Showcasing SHARP as the leader of sustainable technology company for LED TV
Role: Art Director, Visual & UX Design
Client: Critical Mass for sharp (USA)
Sharp Electronics USA sought the best PRF response that addressed user experience design to embrace the product presentation re-architecture and corporate values as a sustainable technology partner of the world.
We refreshed the brand with high contrast colors and energized the look and feel of the web presence, giving the product a hero-sized spotlight. We created an intuitive, quick visualization of product comparison, plus a wishlist for users to earmark products they were interested in. Cross/ up-sells had their own sections following the hero product above. The product story was told in its dedicated space to further explain the technology and Sharp’s position as a sustainable technology partner.
Sharp was impressed with the renewed freshness of the brand. They also recognized the value of intuitive navigation, the wish list, and the product selector, which showcased products and helped users to learn more about Sharp’s LCD technology and their care for the environment through a sustainable high-tech manufacturing process.

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