Movoto Collaborative Pricing Tool
Role: Design Lead. I started the design with key learnings from the professional agent's insights and the business goals from the product team. I lead the story mapping and identified two key milestones for the users (the agent, the homeowner and the tool itself). I designed the UX/UI in considering the Movot branding. I build a prototype with InVision for feedback and iterations. The team was handpicked to lead this new idea and tested it in a identified market with the lean startup process. This tool was created as an MVP with key functions validated in the real world. It helped jump-started the seller program at Movoto. 
• Agents are looking for ways to engage homeowners who are in the early stage of considering selling their home. 
• Agents would like to earn trust by sharing their hyper-local market strategy.
• Homeowners, in general, are out of touch with market trends – buyer's market or seller's market.
• Homeowners need hyper-local knowledge so that they know how to price their home for their best interest.
• Need to have a tool as an icebreaker and a tool that demonstrate the agent's experiences.
• Close the gap of trust in the first meeting by allowing the agent to show off their experience in a guided workflow.
• Empathize by learning about the homeowner's property value.
• Help Movoto agents nurture homeowners with hypermarket trends and pricing strategy.
• Evaluate property value by considering the quality of maintenance and renovation investments.
• Provide strategic pricing based on the market trends – buyer's market or seller's market.
Movoto Collaborative Pricing Tools was created with professional agents' insights and feedback. The team worked with agents who have been in the real estate for over 10 years. The tool was designed to allow for having customized inputs which then encourage idea exchange in placing values for the property with homeowners. The tool generates market comparison based on the similarity of the home profile then this curated by the agents based on their experiences and hypermarket insights. It helped reduce the workload of agents and enhance the quality of comps.

Story Mapping

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