Movoto Collaborative Pricing Tool
Role: Design Lead. I started the design with key learnings from the professional agent's insights and the business goals from the product team. I lead the story mapping and identified two key milestones for the users (the agent, the homeowner and the tool itself). I designed the UX/UI in considering the Movot branding. I build a prototype with InVision for feedback and iterations. The team was handpicked to lead this new idea and tested it in a identified market with the lean startup process. This tool was created as an MVP with key functions validated in the real world. It helped jump-started the seller program at Movoto. 
• Agents are looking for ways to engage homeowners who are in the early stage of considering selling their home. 
• Agents would like to earn trust by sharing their hyper-local market strategy.
• Homeowners, in general, are out of touch with market trends.
• Homeowners need hyper-local knowledge so that they know how to price their home for their best interest.
• Need to have a tool as an icebreaker and a tool that demonstrate the agent's experiences.
• Close the gap of trust in the first meeting by allowing the agent to show off their experience in a guided workflow.
• Empathize by learning about the homeowner's property value.
• Help Movoto agents nurture homeowners with hypermarket trends and pricing strategy – buyer's or seller's market.
• Evaluate property value by considering the quality of maintenance and renovation investments.
• Homeowners have the opportunity to learn and strategize with the agent.
• Agent earned the trust of the homeowners.
• Reduced the endowment effect of homeowners.
• Reduced the workload of agents and enhanced the quality of comps.
• Movoto gained 3.5% (from 0%) market with 2.5 homes sold/day in Fresno and ventured into Las Vegas.
Story Mapping

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